Author Topic: A local bakery hired....RUDE  (Read 1238 times)

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A local bakery hired....RUDE
« on: September 04, 2018, 15:33:06 PM »
A local bakery hired a beautiful young female cashier who likes to wear very short skirts. One day, a young man enters the store and after noticing the length of her skirt and the high location of the raisin bread, had a brilliant idea. 'I'd like a loaf of raisin bread' the man ordered and the girl climbs up the ladder to reach for the raisin bread. The young man standing directly beneath her gets an excellent view as planned. Once she is climbing down from the ladder, another male customer notices what was going on and requests for a loaf of raisin bread as well. With each trip up the ladder, the young lady caught the eye of another male customer and soon every male customer was asking for raisin bread. After making several trips, the lady was tired and irritated and was fuming atop the ladder, where she noticed an elderly man standing amongst the crowd, staring up at her. Thinking to save herself a trip, she yells at the elderly man "Is it raisin for you too?"

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