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Please Read BEFORE Posting in this Section
« on: February 20, 2012, 22:10:54 PM »
You are welcome to advertise charity events that aren't organised by any of the charitable groups that have their own section on CBF. In order for your post to stay, rather than be deleted, you need to ensure that the event meets all of the following:

1. The charity must be a recognised one, and one officially registered locally. You must name the charity in your post.

2. You will be required to specify precisely what elements of the event will be raising money for charity, and if it is a percentage, you need to confirm that percentage in your post.

We are certainly not anti-charity here at CBF. Actually we were raising money for local causes before most of today's charities existed, and now we support them wherever we can. The above is necessary to ensure that we only advertise official events, and if people want to use the forum to freely publicise their event, they should have no concerns in regard to being transparent about what amount of our member's cash is actually going to the cause.

I hope everyone understands but couldn't really care if anyone doesn't  ;)

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