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« on: July 25, 2017, 15:23:32 PM »
I watched a programme this morning where a lady was interviewed about the Fibromyalgia which was making her life a misery. I felt so sorry for her. I did have some trouble with Fibromyalgia myself but started doing Tai Chi and found that it really helped to stop the pain, even after one session. The class I attend is Taoist Tai Chi as taught by Master Moi. You can watch him on Youtube. Thousand of people all over the world are practising the movements now and there are worldwide conventions. I would thoroughly recommend it and all you need is a loose comfortable outfit and flat shoes you can move in. I pay a small monthly fee and can attend as many classes as I want to each week. I have a friend whom I met there who was recovering from a serious nervous problem and she has made so much progress since attending too. Doctors give pills to some people but my doctor would only give me ten tablets and then said that as they were addictive she would not send me down that road of treatment and to just get on with it.

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