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Title: Cedar Mews Overcik
Post by: Mishy on January 27, 2006, 16:51:01 PM
Out of curiosity is there anyone here who has bought one of the Villas on the Cedar Mews site in Overcik. We bought off plan in October and can't wait. We have been sent photographs by the architects and can't beleive how much has been done.This site has been a Godsend. It would be nice to know who will be our neighbours.

Title: Cedar Mews Overcik
Post by: lindi on January 27, 2006, 18:20:58 PM
Hi Mishy

We have a place in Ovacik, although not at Cedar Mews.  We love this area, especially the views!  We're hoping to move over at some stage this year if all goes well.  It's the best thing we ever did buying our place, so hope you enjoy yours as much as we have.

lindi :)
Title: Cedar Mews Overcik
Post by: sue mac on January 27, 2006, 22:17:02 PM
Hi Mishy,

We are at Oaklands Complex (Nicholas Homes) in Ovacik. We too love it and cant wait to get back out. Ours was completed in August last year, and is currently having the basement converted into three extra bedrooms.  We are back out to stay at the Nicholas Park Hotel in April to finish furnishing, then again in May for a week and 17 nts in August to holiday!!!Who are your builders/agents and when are you expecting completion? And I know what you mean about this site being a godsend. I just cant wait to meet up with some of the members in the coming years.  Lindi, we will have to meet up in summer if your out there same time as us!! Good luck Mishy and enjoy it all...
Title: Cedar Mews Overcik
Post by: Mishy on January 28, 2006, 10:55:17 AM
Hi Lindi,Sue. We have purchased through Nicolas who have been brill. Scary came to Turkey for the first time ever in Sept 05 arrived on the Friday . Started viewing on the Saturday. Met with Pauline first and had to ask where abouts we were!!!!. Signed on the dotted line on the Sunday for what was just a plot of land. Scary and exciting. We then returned in Mid Oct to furnish. We took the option of the professional shoppers Marion and Pete at Fetiye Shoppers. Bought everyting that weekend spent £7.000 in all to fully furnish a 4 bed Villa thats all lighting in out furniture well everything you can think of.Phil and I had a brill time doing this although at times we kept looking at each other in dis beleif as it seemed crazy choosing everything for what was just a piece of land. They stated building in Nov we were then sent pics in Jan and could not beleive the progress made. We are one of four Villas being built. So we are now awaiting completion which our date has been set for 31/06/06. We will then come over and enjoy hopefully our dream, unfortunatly for 2 weeks only. What a beautiful place Turkey is.
Title: Cedar Mews Overcik
Post by: sue mac on January 29, 2006, 22:11:48 PM
Wow well done!! Who took you round viewing? We went round with Dede from the Ovacik office. He works with another guy called Tayfun. We are also getting photos at present showing us how our basement is coming along. Been very happy with Nicholas. We did a lot of our shopping ourselves when we went out in September but we still have quite a bit to do and we may now actually employ the shoppers to help us in April. Where abouts is Cedar Mews?
Title: Cedar Mews Overcik
Post by: Mishy on January 30, 2006, 09:27:10 AM
It is about 15 mins walk from the last roundabout in Hisaronu. I remember there being a lot of hotels on the way out. I remember a turning on the right passsed a place called the Captians table. The road has also got a tree right in the middle of it. I will have to  ask Phil  and let you know more. We were taken around by Mandy from the main office, She was excellent. There was absaloutly no pressure.We looked at Oaklands, and were very interested in a 2 bed appt that had a massive basement which we like you thought about converting into a couple of bedrooms, however that one had an offer put on it just as we were looking. The Oaklands  complex is lovely and impressive.
Title: Cedar Mews Overcik
Post by: sue mac on January 30, 2006, 11:36:13 AM
I have heard and been recommended the Captains Table, but never actually go to try it last time I was out, so still cannot quite place where you are. Cant believe this was your first trip to Turkey!! You have obviously fallen hook line and sinker! We started visiting back in 1991 and went every year for about 8 years. We then had a lull of 8 years whilst we tried out everywhere else, but when we decided to buy abroad this year, after visiting Cyprus and Kefalonia, we booked a short flight back to Turkey and fell in love all over again. Big changes since 1991 I must admit, but still captures the heart! And the people are so lovely, the culture, everything!!  So how far are we at Oaklands from cedar Mews?  You are lucky buying off plan.  We had originally wanted to do that, but fell in love with Oaklands when we were there. Do you have children? We have two little girls (5 and 2) and I think it is a a fantastic area for kids. especially the private beach at Nicholas Genc. Did you get down there when you were there?
Title: Cedar Mews Overcik
Post by: Mishy on January 30, 2006, 12:41:07 PM
I am no good with distances you are talking to someone who made what should have been a 1 hour start to finish car jouney last 2 1/2. I don't think we are that far away from Oaklsnds though. We were lucky enough to have lived in Cyprus for a whole year as Phil is in the Army.Although we enjoyed our time we would never buy there.We have 2 girls aged 12 and eldest 14 on valentines day. We visited Nicholas Genc once on our viewing trip but will certainly be going again. I put the wrong dates for completion it is 31/07/06. We fell in love with Hisaronu and surounding areas. The views are truly spectacular. The people so kind and friendly. I would recommend fethie shoppers. Marion speaks Turkish, She is very honest and and knowledgable. The most expensive item was the curtains. .Marion took us to one place on the Main Road out of Hisaronu and felt he was to expensive she then  took us to another place where we were quoted the same. Although in U.K you could not get handmade curtains for that many windows at that price Marion thought it was expensive. So we paid £800.00 that includes poles and ties. They also take delivery of all goods and unpack & furnish the Villa which is included in thier fees. Buying off plan is exciting, however choosing all the interior was fun and mind blowing. I cut and pasted pictures of other peoples Villas and interiors for a guide. I also cut out pieces from magazines and took all this with me.