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pool side barbecue story
« on: July 18, 2009, 20:59:59 PM »
when we were over in july the resident of our complex organised a barbie for 35 including some turkish residents
we asked for 10ytl each person (about £4 )
i went with lynn to the trout farm and bought 35 gutted trout for 31ytl,what a bargain,
has anyone been there? :)
lynn said did you count the fish when he was putting them in the bag,erm have you tried to count 35 slimy trout :P
then chix breasts,cheese rolls, kofte,etc
all then went to do our own extras for later that night
i done fairy cakes for the kids and banana mousse,rice dishes others done mixed salads. curried potato's, chix livers,pavlovas,lemon cake.
loads of red,rose,white wine and efes for the lads
the music was supplied by the turkish family care of power fm
all the tables and chairs were set out and the party began
the turkish people loved the english food that they tried and the turkish policeman had a tipple of rob's rum and enjoyed it[^]
the party was going great everyone dancing, then another turkish resident asked us to turn the music off as his daughter could not sleep ,which we did (it was now 2.ooam)
we then decided to all jump in the pool fully clothed ,lovely and refreshing  :owe were all having a good old time then the police turned up  :-\told us all to be quite and go was now 3am so we all left and went to lynns house,i went and put on some dry clothes first, but not rob went to lynn's and sat at her table pulled off his shorts and used the tablecloth to cover his bits  :-\and we carried on partying till 4.3oam
we then went home to the sight of robs white bum showing to one and all :o :-\
10.15am next day i was bad suffered a terrible hangover could just manage a coffee and yogurt
i groaned to rob i'm not well and went back to bed
3.30 pm woke up feeling better  :)
the next party will be organised by the turkish residences so looking forward to it

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pool side barbecue story
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2011, 18:16:27 PM »
that sounds like a great complex

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pool side barbecue story
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2011, 18:35:47 PM »
You replied to a subject that is nearly 2 yrs old:D I will have a glass of what you are drinking ;)

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