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Who said what and about what ?
« on: December 26, 2006, 21:22:09 PM »
Can you identify who uttered the following immortal quotes. An explanation to the background of the quote would earn extra points

1980 Commentator
The crowd are literally electrified and glued to their seats

1981 Sportsman
When I said "you're a disgrace to mankind, I was talking to myself, not you"

1982 Commentator
Zoffs alright on the high stuff but with low shots he goes down in instalments

1983 Sportsman
Ballesteros is the No. 1:he hits the ball further than I go on holiday

1984 Sportsman
I'm sick of that guy's luck. He played well for two frames, but after that he trampled in muck. I'll bury him next time.

1985 Commentator
One viewer told me the other day that listening to my old mate Jim Laker and his new sidekick Bob Willis was better than taking two mogadon

1986 Sportsman
We don't want a reputation as an attractive team that doesn't win matches

1987 Sportsman turned politician
You think my run up was long, you should hear my speeches

1988 Sportsman
Don King does care about black or white. He just cares about green

1989 Football manager
The saddest, most beautiful thing I have ever seen

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