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An agent in New York.....
« on: April 09, 2018, 11:31:56 AM »
An agent in New York is about to interview a new client.

He looks at the young actors resume. He has great experience, and great training. The young actors enters and he is charming, funny, and very talented. There is just one problem- his name is Penis Von Lesbian.

The agent says, "Look, man, I would really love to represent you, I think you have a bright future. But I can't represent someone named Penis Von Lesbian. Is it possible you could change your name?

"No I couldn't possibly." Says the actor. "It's an old family name and I couldn't just turn it away."

The agent thanks him for his time, and dismisses him.

"5 years later, the agent receives a cheque at his office for $10,000. There is a note with the cheque. It says, "Years ago I came and auditioned for you. We got along well but you refused to represent me unless I changed my name and I refused. After I left that day, I spent a lot of time considering your suggestion. I decided to change my name and now am a huge success. I felt that I owed you this for your advice and as a way to say thanks.

Sincerely, Dick Van Dyke"

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