Author Topic: Raffle at Bambu bar on Weds 21st Dec starting at 11 am  (Read 579 times)

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Raffle at Bambu bar on Weds 21st Dec starting at 11 am
« on: December 15, 2016, 14:53:47 PM »

Embrace Childrens Health Charity will be running a raffle on Weds 21st Dec,at our table top sale at Bambu bar starting at 11 am. Winning tickets will be drawn at 1pm . 1st price is , 1 tin of ham,1 tin of red salmon, 1 tin of pilchards, jar of Branston pickle, Large box of shortbread, pack of 6 mince pies, box of assorted chocolate biscuits, Cadburys , pack of Cadburys choc fingers , large bar of Cadburys dairy milk, small pack of Toblerone, 240 gram pack of Celebration , 257 gram pack of Quality street . 2nd prize is Tin of pork , tin of red salmon, tin of pilchards, pack of mixed cadburys assortment , pack of taverners fruit jellies, box of quality street, large toblerone, box of cadburys chocolate fingers,bar of nestles crunch , packet of Werthers original butter mints , small pack of Toblerone 3rd prize is A christmas cake kindly donated by Lisa from Pastries and pies, so come and join us , someone has to get lucky .

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