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Title: Eren store on Gunlakbasi Road
Post by: Karennina on May 23, 2018, 06:58:54 AM
Big shout out for this branch of Eren store, I went in and ordered an ottoman to be made after much trawling of shops and not being able to find what I wanted...very pleased indeed with finished result, only in Turkey can you be messaging re the delivery time to be told “  yesterday I forgot tell you something I had the stones changed you ordered to different ones as my choice ones didnt look good” so im thinking ooh i prob wont like it now but I did! Also we found this store does seem to arrive at the time they say they will when delivering...thouroughly nice chap runs the shop and he speaks great English...they had some lovely big fridges and washing machines in there   :)sad I know!
Title: Re: Eren store on Gunlakbasi Road
Post by: mercury on May 31, 2018, 17:43:21 PM
A few years ago we bought an outside table and chair set from this shop.. We had gone into the Fethiye store and couldn't find what we wanted.. He got a driver to run us down there.. We chose it and had it delivered in the time it took us to get home and we were really happy with it..
About two months later Bekir called me and asked me to go out and measure the top of it... When I had he said that it was 5 CMS.. smaller than the one we paid for and when I was passing to call in for some money back which I did two weeks later.. He gave us 50 lira back.. He had absolutely no need too as we had never realised..
He once brought us home after a few drinks in town in New Year's Eve driving miles out of his way but that's another story.. Lovely man
Title: Re: Eren store on Gunlakbasi Road
Post by: Karennina on July 13, 2018, 18:27:38 PM
That is really great Mercury   :)you just cant beat the two Eren stores for white goods and furniture...we bought a new bed from the Gunlakbasi one in October weve finally painted etc and assembled the bed, omg it is gorgeous, its by Bambi which i believe are one of the lead bed makers in Turkey, it has various layers of different fillings to help with the heat out here...
So if anyone wants a new bed this is the shop to go to, I priced up some other Bambi beds before we bought ours and definetely cheaper at Eren   :)