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European Van Lines
« Reply #20 on: February 28, 2008, 16:17:43 PM »
Originally posted by Firo

We used Foxs in Newport Wales and had to go to Izmir. Ozcan Soyer said we HAD to be there and could not give him power of attorney to save ourselves going.
£3k to Foxs and £900 to Ozcan Soyer which inc charges, taxes & a sweetner to smooth things along.... prehaps thats why he insists that the people are present. Receipt was for a lot less!
I have only found one person who has not had to pay a sweetner, everyone else has been asked for a little something to move things along quickly. Never saw a customs official only his staff in the 2 days we were there.
We arrived at his office (straight of the ferry after 6 days on the road with dog in tow) did all the paperwork then were told to come back the next day (try finding a hotel in Izmir that accepts dogs...cost us £150)!. Duly arrived at 10am went to the port spent 30 mins doing more paperwork and the told to return 5 hours later [:(!]When we returned we then had the discussion about costs, but by this time we were desperate to get on the road to get on to Fethiye so we paid up. All this time our goods had been in Izmir for 4 days.
He seems to handle all imports for the UK what ever company you use and can only assume thats why he's always smiling  ;)
Foxs were excellant and nothing arrived broken in our 20ft container.
Good luck

Hi, I wonder if you could give me a bit more information about travelling overland with your dog - my friend is moving out sometime this year and would appreciate any information/tips you can offer. Also, did you bring your own car?  Perhaps you could email me with this info please.

Thanks in advance

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