Author Topic: Benefit's in Turkey  (Read 12733 times)

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Benefit's in Turkey
« Reply #60 on: January 27, 2011, 21:32:49 PM »
We were told that it is in case of emergency but that was at the Devlet, the Esnaf is a private hospital and may not be covered by the same rules.

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Benefit's in Turkey
« Reply #61 on: January 28, 2011, 10:33:34 AM »
Definatley not Fi in my case,I was charged at the Devlet for Emergency treatment and we questioned it but was told it was correct, we took my resident permit as I heard you get 20% off but they didn't want to look at that either, I don't even think they were trying it on either as I got a full printed receipt for the treatment. I was in so much pain I would have paid them double at the time regardless, so who knows what is correct on this? (Note I had posted this previously seems to have not been listed?)I have to say it is hit and miss on routine visits also, we have been to clinics, Doctors and private hospitals and they sometimes charge sometimes don't, usually it is only for the prescription we have to pay.

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