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Financial Report 2017
« on: January 03, 2018, 14:09:19 PM »
As promised I've attached a copy of the financial statement for 2017 from Animal Aid Treasurer Mike Daly.   A hugely successful year for Animal Aid thanks to the dedication of its volunteers and supporters.

Happy New Year to you all. I am pleased to report to you the financial result for the Year ending 31st December 2017. Due to your continued support and our dedicated volunteers I have an outstanding set of numbers for you. The shop had a renovation last year and with a super team led by Kim Pereira they increased their income by 27%. The shop now contributes around 25% of our total income. We must also applaud those who continually provide us goods to sell in the shop.
Donations through our paypal system and local contributions has risen by 30%. Donations also represent around 25% of our total income. Here are the highlights from 2017. income from functions up by +22%.. Fayres and coffee mornings + 36%.. Quiz +21% other items +88%.. Two years ago AA introduced a more structured feeding program. Over this period we have been able to increase spending from 17,168tlr to 57,977tlr.. a great success. We managed to bank 33,300tlr this year (13,000tlr in 2016). Our overall spending after banking was down by 4,888tlr on last year. Well done everyone. So to the numbers...
Our income climbed by 29% to 250,541tlr (194,275tlr in 2016). Made up by Table Top 22,939tlr.. Functions 33,320tlr..Donations 56,555tlr.. Fayre/Coffee mngs 26,759tlr.... Shop 70,510tlr... Quiz 20,712tlr.. Other 19,746tlr...
Our cost after banking 186,039tlr (190,927tlr in 2016).. spent on Kedi Evi 13,450tlr.. Vets 96,646tlr.. Food 57,977tlr.. Admin 7,734tlr.. other 10,232tlr..
Our cash and bank balance is 56,211tlr.. This gives us one of our strongest financial positions since the charity started and you should be very proud of yourselves for achieving this. Our Winter months are tough so we must keep up this wonderful work to make 2018 as successful. Not every individual can be thanked but you all know who you are.

On behalf of Animal Aid I would like to thank all CBF members for their invaluable support.

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Re: Financial Report 2017
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2018, 14:26:51 PM »
Your thorough report makes good reading, and thanks for sharing. Good luck for 2018  :)

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