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Title: A cultural day out perhaps ?
Post by: Roy H on November 07, 2003, 08:54:39 AM
Since there does not seem to be many entries in this category thought I would add one that might interest the more culturally minded among (both of) you...!. It's a bit long winded I'm afraid.

Had a great day out when we were there in September which was considerably different from the usual run of the mill guided tours.
It involved a mini bus day trip driven by a well informed chap whose name I have totally forgotten. This is him:


If you print it off and take the pic into Maria's Bar of all places (sorry !.) and just say you would like this chap to come and sort things out for a day trip, he will most likely appear wherever you say when he wakes up from doing late night transfers.

Six of us went along - starting off in Calis heading towards Fethiye along the coast road while he pointed out some points of historic interest we didn't even know existed.
Then it was through Fethiye and up the mountain road stopping for pics at several super vantage points overlooking the whole town and beyond.
Our route then continued high up into the mountain through the pine forests to the point where the oxygen masks dropped down - don't be silly now !.
This route took us through several plateau villages each of which seemed to have their own unique historical points of interest, before arriving at the 'Ghost town' of Kayakoy. For the squeamish among you beware, there is a cellar there where the Greeks who were the former occupants of the settlement dug up the dead bodies when the flesh had rotted away, washed the bones in some sort of wine and stored them all in the cellar mentioned.
There is a 'something' century half derelict Church there with an original mosaic floor and wall paintings of the last supper which are still quite clear and distinct in every detail. All the while our guide who spoke very good English if you listened carefully, was pointing out many of the interesting things we would have missed had we just been rubbernecking by ourselves. A rather well educated and knowledgeable chap so far as Turkish history is concerned.
It was then time for refreshment in a Turkish cafe/bar which has a grape vine for a roof at the nearby village of Poseidon - yes the same name as the ship in the film.
Then it was on through even higher the hills and yet more villages over unmade dusty roads stopping at a point for more stunning pics where we overlooked St Nicholas Island from about 1000 ft up - this is located between Fethiye and Oludeniz.
We then set off downhill for a change - still on a dusty unmade track - arriving at a small beach in a bay whose name escapes me where further refreshment was available, with  St Nicholas island just a short distance across the water.
It was from here that we boarded a small boat with a 50hp mercury hanging on the stern which took us across to the island. The island had nothing more going for it except a very steep rocky climb to the top and several derelict Churches. So if you don't have sound footwear don't go. I should perhaps mention that the boat was operated by a small boy of about 11 years of age who had most likely skived off school for the day. My companions were somewhat terrified at the speed but much to his annoyance I just smiled at him, because I used to do power boat racing in my more foolish younger days and knew what he was up to - trying to scare hell out of tourists.  After we came back I told him his engine was crap and needed tuning up !.
So that he knows when to send the boat to pick us up our guide gave us a mobile number to ring him where he was sitting in the shade on the beach - in retrospect we all wished we had followed his example and to hell with the boat trip. Oh another thing - upon landing on the island there was a man demanding 2 million lira each - for what I don't know unless it was a sort of landing fee - no receipts given of course.
On return to the beach our guide treated us all to drinks and elaborated extensively about the history attached to the island and it's surroundings, then it was off up the long track again eventually arriving at a fairly new and busy Turkish style restaurant way out in the middle of nowhere - or so it seemed - where we were treated to a magnificent but somewhat belated lunch at around 3pm.
He then took us on through the villages of Belen and Kinali where rather nice craft goods were on sale by the roadside, then headed for Hisaronu where we picked up the main road back to Fethiye and Calis arriving at our digs around 4.30pm.
The whole day cost £60 which included our lunches and some of the refreshments. There were only 6 in our party at a tenner each but the minibus could have taken 8 people.
We all agreed that we learned a great deal more about Turkish/Greek history in those few hours than we could have found in any guide books, and I thoroughly recommend the trip for a relaxing, pleasant, and very informative day out.
Title: A cultural day out perhaps ?
Post by: Rimms on November 07, 2003, 10:35:43 AM
Roy That sounds a brilliant day out, I will definately do it next year, we have a party of 4 for the event in May, if anyone wants to join us then let me know, can we get the picture ?

Title: A cultural day out perhaps ?
Post by: Roy H on November 07, 2003, 22:45:37 PM
Hi Rimms
Yeah - try this
Right click it
select 'save picture as' from the pop up panel
Saving menu pops up
Left click the bottom panel and select .bmp format
If it doesn't show already type in a title(say Guide) and add .bmp
Left click save.
Then open or import the file in some photo software.
Resize to what you want and print - simple !
But not knowing what software you have - if you get any problems let me know and I will email it to you direct.
Glad you liked the idea - I wonder who the other Culturally minded member is .....?.
Title: A cultural day out perhaps ?
Post by: Marly on December 07, 2003, 21:27:51 PM
Hi Roy, That sounded like a great day out, I know the beach you went to, when we were there in September, Paul and I went for a drive through Kaya, then saw the signs for Germilar? beach very interesting journey to the beach??? but terrific scenery.
 Put our names down Rimms for the trip, there are 3 of us, should make for a good day, just make sure it is not the day after the Party:D
Title: A cultural day out perhaps ?
Post by: jagpelham on December 08, 2003, 00:28:28 AM
Hi Rimms
I hope to be in Fethiye 10 May-24 May, and would love to join you if I may.
Title: A cultural day out perhaps ?
Post by: teresa321 on February 09, 2004, 19:17:41 PM
Having visited a "potted history" by Tinkerman I shall put this site here for you cultural people to appreciate.