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Title: Delay on residency card delivery, Answers to FAQ
Post by: Inspector on April 28, 2017, 13:08:40 PM
After completing your residency application and getting the temporrary residency document it is delivered to your adress in 7-10 days in winter time.
Beginning of March process started to take long time up to 4-8 weeks,
I want to inform members and visitors about frequently asked questions.

1-   Can I do anything to get my residency card earlier.
No, You have to wait till it delivered to your home, immigration officers cant do anything to get it earlier.

2-   We applied same day, My husbands card is delivered last week but I did not get the card yet. Is there a problem?
No you dont have a problem this is a common problem, you will be informed by mail or telephone call if there is a problem on your aplication process. You need to wait a little bit more.

3-   My current residency expired and I did not get the new one, I  need to leave Turkey, What do I need to do.
When you exit Turkey You will provide temporrary application document to passport police  and will not have any problem. Temporrary document gives you permission  for  leaving Turkey up to 14 days. If you come in 14 days you will not have problems and will not need to buy e-visa. If you leave Turkey more than 14 days, you need to buy an E-visa. But before buying it show your expired residency card and explain passport police that you haven’t received the new card becouse of your travel. They can check on system and if they can see that you heve valid residency in Turkey on computer system, sometimes they let you in without e-visa.
How I will Explain this to passport Police at the Airport.
Here is Turkish explanation, print this and show to the passport police.
ikamet iznimi yenilemek için müracaat ettim ancak kartım basılıp evime gelmeden bu seyahate cıkmam gerekti. ikamet kartım şu an dağıtım aşamasında, sistemde geçerli ekamet iznim olduğunu kontrol ederek e-vize almadan giriş işlemi yapmama yardımcı olabilir misiniz?

4-   Can my neighbour or friends collect it from postman or post office.
No, they give it to the holder or their wife&husbant .

5-   Does the delivery adress have to be my residental adress.
Yes It is delivered to your residental adress only.

6-   My journey is 3 months. Where will I collect my card when come to Turkey.
You will get a mobile phone text message that means its printed and posted. This message will include a tracking code. It will be delivered in 3-4 working days to your home. if you are not at home they will leave a sticker on door and will keep your card in PTT Near Otogar for 7-10 days. If you dont collect it from there in this duration they will drop it to Fethiye Immigration Office (where you applied for residency)

I wish some of forum members will find answers for their problems.