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BFBS No Longer
« Reply #10 on: August 23, 2011, 21:47:10 PM »
it seems that your on a mission on a personal vendetta
you must be some muppet what i said you do not need a 1.5mtr dish if you use it with a freesat card for itv and Ch4 a 1.1mtr is the min so please get your facts right if you cant your dish is not aligned correctly and your possibly using a unsuitible lnb

this system is fine for people who have holiday lets etc no monthly charge and no internet connection

i also supply a system where the client need just to bring their sky Card across with them (it does not need to be paired)as our receivers will work fine with any active sky card with sky sports and the Sky movies etc and they have a built in PVR as many clients will tell you

again this system is fine for people who have holiday lets etc no monthly charge only their sky card that they bought over and no internet connection

and of course all types of card sharing systems not just Standard Definition But HD PVR and Hard drives as well not just dream boxes and all packages

from what you are saying and is said i can tell that someone has the hand stuck up your ar*e or are you male with a female name at least i dont hide behind a name:D

and at least i will be here in 5/10 years time
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BFBS No Longer
« Reply #11 on: August 23, 2011, 22:01:59 PM »
Ok I'll bring this to a close now - finofino I do not believe you are a female called Michele so please enter your correct name or don't post on here anymore. I agree that your only contributions here seem to be to try and discredit Gary/Echostar - you don't come here to do anything much else. Vendettas are so easy to carry out when you hide your identity. If you do not change to your real name your future posts will be deleted until you do.

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