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20/20 World Cup
« on: April 04, 2016, 17:11:36 PM »
One of life's great joys for me has been to listen to Test Match Special on the radio whilst watching it on TV 
(with the TV's sound turned down - perhaps sad, weird or whatever but what's life without whimsy)?

England versus India, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa and the West Indies on the BBC - wonderful test matches to anticipate and then enjoy.

Every match was as much a mind game as a physical confrontation over 5 days (hopefully).

I watched the whole of yesterday's 20/20 final against the West Indies on a laptop. The first such match I have watched from start to finish.

England lost. West Indies requiring 18 runs to win with just 6 balls left. A virtually unreachable target  just a few years ago.

The West Indies batsman (Brathwaite I think) hit 4 consecutive 6's off four balls to win it.

There is a place for this type of game, of course. Packed grounds for every game and a real smash fest means many rupees in the bank for the Indian hosts.

It seems to combine cricket with baseball and nothing's certain until the very end.

It just isn't the cricket I grew up loving.

In truth, as much as I wanted England to win, I ended up thinking they might as well have tossed a coin to determine the outcome.

Plus, I lost a fiver and that didn't help.....

I so look forward to "proper" cricket" again but I fear its best days are long gone.

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