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Village Breakfast - Unique Hotel Fethiye
« on: May 21, 2016, 21:15:38 PM »
The second to last in the Breakfast Clubs Boutique Breakfasts for a while...

I really loved everything about this venue and their breakfast. The venue is intimate and tastefully decorated with views of the marina. As it is a popular little hotel I recommend you time your arrival for around 10.30-11am when most hotel guests will have finished their breakfast. It is easy to get to, no mountain to climb, just turn up lovers lane which is that very sharp bend virtually opposite the Yacht Boutique Hotel in Fethiye and its straight ahead.

What I particularly liked was that all the different breakfast dishes were apportioned for every two people so there is no getting away with putting out the same amount for two as you would do for four, or six people, if that makes sense. Everyone is asked how they would like their individual portions of eggs served. All water, teas and coffees including after breakfast coffees are included in the price of 30tl per person.

5/5 for both food and service

Cheese board

Potato salad

Menemem - comes with the breakfast so no need to order separately although I found this a bit watery and lacking in flavour

Tomato and cucumber salad


Sucuk spicy sausage

Turkish sausages

Eggs - a couple of the different  options, the one that looks like a pancake is an omelette

Olives, honey, jams and breads

Venue and view

And, crick your neck to the left to view this image of the front of the hotel. To the right on the wall are several different colour signs that all say Unique making it easy to see as you approach

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Re: Village Breakfast - Unique Hotel Fethiye
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2016, 22:30:00 PM »
Blimey! Is that breakfast? I feel full just looking at it. Don't do huge amounts in one meal so wasted on me but.... Really lovely photos Nichola.   :)

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