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new restrictions for Turkey 18 November 2020
« on: November 18, 2020, 06:00:49 AM »
Google Translation of official document on new restrictions for Turkey 18 November 2020
Number: Z-89780865-153-19161 18/11/2020
 Subject: Coronavirus New Measures
  Ministry of Health and Coronavirus Science in order to manage the risk of the coronavirus (Covid19) epidemic in terms of public health and public order, to ensure social isolation, to protect the physical distance and to control the rate of disease spread.
 The proposals of the Council have been implemented by taking many precautionary decisions in line with the instructions of our President.
 It is seen that the spread / transmission of the coronavirus epidemic, which has affected the whole world in 2020, has recently increased in all countries.  It is observed that there is a very serious increase in the course of the epidemic, especially in countries on the European continent, and many new precautionary decisions have been taken within the scope of combating the epidemic.
 In addition to the cleaning, mask and distance rules, which are the basic principles of the controlled social life period in our country, as well as the course of the epidemic and possible risks, the rules and measures to be followed for all areas of life are determined.  In this context, in line with the decisions taken in the Presidential Cabinet convened under the chairmanship of our President on 17.11.2020, valid from 20:00 on Friday, 20.11.2020;
         1. Shopping centers, markets, barbers, hairdressers and beauty centers will only be able to serve our citizens between 10:00 and 20:00.
         2. Food and beverage places such as restaurants, restaurants, patisseries, cafes, cafeterias may be open between 10:00 and 20:00 only to provide take away or take away service.  The restaurant, restaurant or online food order companies will only be able to provide package service after 20:00 by phone or online order.
 Food and beverage places located on the side of intercity highways and serving intercity public transportation or logistic vehicles will be exempted from the restrictions, provided that they are determined individually by the Provincial / District General Hygiene Boards and are not located in the residential area.
         3. Until 31.12.2020, the activities of cinema halls and until a new decision is taken, coffee house, coffee house, country garden, internet cafe / hall, electronic game halls, billiard halls, clubs and tea gardens and carpet pitches will be stopped.  The implementation of hookah lounges, whose activities were suspended before, will be maintained.
          4. In all our provinces, citizens aged 65 and over will be able to go out between 10:00 and 13:00 during the day, and citizens under 20 (born on 01.01.2001 and after) between 13:00 and 16:00 during the day.  Except for employees who submit a work / SGK record, etc. document showing their workplaces and their conditions), citizens of the specified age groups will be restricted from going out to the streets outside these hours.
         5. Until a new decision is made, a curfew will be restricted on weekends, except from 10:00 to 20:00.  Production, manufacturing and supply chains are exempt from this restriction.  In this respect, the curfew will be restricted from 20:00 on Saturday, November 21 to 10:00 on Sunday, November 22, and from 20:00 on Sunday, November 22 to 05:00 on Monday, November 23.
 On the following weekends, the application will be explained above until a new decision is made.
 will continue as stated.
         In order to minimize the effect of curfew on daily life;
         a) Workplaces that carry out activities related to the production, transportation and sales of drugs, medical devices, medical masks and disinfectants,
         b) Public and private health institutions and organizations, pharmacies, veterinary clinics and animal hospitals,
         c) Public institutions and organizations and enterprises required for the maintenance of compulsory public services (Airports, ports, border gates, customs, highways, nursing homes, elderly nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, Emergency Call Centers, AFAD Units, institutions / organizations that carry out disaster related work, Vefa  Social Support Units, Migration Management, PTT etc.),
         ç) Large facilities and enterprises strategically operating in the natural gas, electricity and petroleum sectors (such as refinery and petrochemical facilities and thermal and natural gas cycle power plants),
         d) Companies engaged in domestic and international transportation (including export / import / transit passes) and logistics,
         e) Hotels and accommodation,
         f) Emergency construction, equipment, etc. to increase the capacity of health services.  businesses / companies carrying out the activities,
         g) Animal shelters, animal farms and animal care centers,
         ğ) Production and manufacturing facilities,
         h) Newspaper, radio and television organizations, newspaper printing presses and newspaper distributors,
         ı) The number of fuel stations and tire repairers to be determined by the Governorships / District Governorships for settlement centers, one per 50,000 inhabitants and one for each 50 km on the intercity highway and if any, on the highway passing through the provincial borders (Fuel stations and tire  repairers will be determined by lot method),
         i) Vegetable / fruit wholesale markets,
         a) Managers, officers or employees in the above mentioned "Workplaces, Businesses and Institutions to be Open",
         b) Those who are assigned to ensure public order and security (including private security officers),
         c) Emergency Call Centers, Vefa Social Support Units, Red Crescent, those who work in AFAD and within the scope of disaster,
         ç) Those who document that they will attend other central exams announced by ÖSYM (spouse, sibling, a companion from the mother or father) and exam attendants,
         d) Those who are in charge of burials (religious officials, hospital and municipal officials, etc.) and those who will attend the funerals of their first-degree relatives,
         e) Electricity, water, natural gas, telecommunication etc.  Those who are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the transmission and infrastructure systems that should not be interrupted,
         f) Those who are involved in the transportation or logistics of products and / or materials (including cargo), domestic and international transportation, storage and related activities,
         g) Elderly nursing homes, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, children's homes, etc.  social protection / care center employees,
         ğ) Employees at production and manufacturing facilities,
         h) Those who graze sheep and cattle, those who carry out beekeeping activities,
         i) Technical service employees provided that they document that they are out to provide service,
         i) Those who constantly wait for their workplaces during the hours / days their workplaces are closed,
         j) Personnel who will work on weekends to carry out public transportation, cleaning, solid waste, water and sewage, spraying, fire brigade and cemetery services of the municipalities,
         k) Those who have a mandatory health appointment (including blood and plasma donations to be made to the Red Crescent),
         l) Dormitory, hostel, construction site, etc.  Those in charge of meeting the basic needs of those staying in public places,
         m) Employees who are at risk of leaving their workplaces due to occupational health and safety (workplace doctor, etc.),
         n) Veterinarians,
         o) Those with Special Needs such as autism, severe mental retardation, down syndrome and their parents / guardian or accompanying persons,
         ö) Members of the Animal Feeding Group established within the scope of our Circular No. 7486 dated 30.04.2020 and those who will feed street animals,
         p) Individuals working in the production, irrigation, processing, spraying, harvesting, marketing and transportation of plant and animal products,
         r) Those who go out to meet the compulsory needs of their pets, provided that it is limited to the front of their residence,
         s) Those who are in charge of the delivery service to homes within the hours when curfew is imposed,
         ş) Establish a personal relationship with their children within the framework of the court decision (on condition that they submit the court decision),
         t) Athletes, managers and other officials in sports competitions that can be played without an audience,
         u) Those who work in the intercity public transportation vehicles (plane, bus, train, ship, etc.) and the ticket, reservation code etc. that they will travel with these public transportation vehicles.  by submitting and documenting,
         ü) Drivers and officers of urban public transportation vehicles (metrobus, metro, bus, minibus, taxi, etc.).
         6.The practice of imposing a smoking ban in areas / areas such as street streets, squares and public transportation stops, as specified in our Circular No. 18579 dated 11.11.2020, can be expanded by the Provincial / District General Hygiene Boards.
         7. By the Provincial General Hygiene Boards, it will be ensured that all kinds of measures, especially increasing the number of voyages, will be taken by local administrations to reduce the density of public transportation vehicles in the city and to ensure the sparseness in the voyages.
         8. Within the framework of the principles regarding weddings and wedding ceremonies with our Circular dated 02.09.2020 and numbered 14210;
 Wedding ceremonies / ceremonies must be carried out on the condition that masks, distance, cleaning rules are followed, minimum participation and a minimum of 20 minutes between each wedding ceremony,
 Wedding ceremonies are held in a maximum of one hour in the form of a wedding ceremony with seating arrangements, masks, distance and cleaning rules,
 In addition, within the framework of our Circular No. 12682 dated 30.07.2020, the full implementation of the provisions regarding collective condolence will continue.
         9. It is essential that our citizens do not travel within the city or intercity with their private vehicles during the periods in which the curfew is applied on weekends.
 Those who want to be discharged from the hospital where they are treated and return to their original residence, who are referred with a doctor report and / or have a previous doctor's appointment / control,
 To attend the funeral of himself or his spouse, deceased first degree relative or brother or to accompany the funeral transfer (maximum 4 persons),
 Those who have come to the city they are in in the last 5 days but do not have a place to stay but want to return to their place of residence (those who submit their travel ticket, vehicle license plate, other documents showing their travel, information and information),
 Who want to return to their settlements by completing military service,
 Private or public invitations to a daily contract,
 Released from penal execution institutions,
 Our citizens can travel with their private vehicles through EBAŞVURU and ALO 199 systems of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or directly to the Governorships / District Governorates, provided that they obtain permission from the Travel Permit Boards
 will be able to.
 All our public officials, especially our Governors and District Governors, should concentrate on activities that increase social sensitivity to comply with the measures taken in the fight against the epidemic, and sacrifice together, as it has been until today.
 Continuing to be done is vital for us to overcome this process and regain healthy days.
 In line with the principles stated above, in accordance with Articles 27 and 72 of the General Hygiene Law, the decisions of the Provincial / District General Hygiene Boards are taken urgently, no disruption in practice and unjust treatment is caused, the establishment of administrative action in accordance with the relevant articles of the Public Health Law for those who do not comply with the decisions taken and  Regarding the initiation of necessary judicial proceedings within the scope of Article 195 of the Turkish Criminal Code regarding criminal behavior;
         I kindly request your information and needs


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Re: new restrictions for Turkey 18 November 2020
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2020, 08:56:07 AM »
Thank you for all this information Inspector   :)

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Re: new restrictions for Turkey 18 November 2020
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2020, 10:26:44 AM »
Thanks Mustafa, for  your useful Information,

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