Hotels in Calis Beach

Street Map of Calis Beach - Fethiye:

You can print off the map of the Calis area onto one A4 sheet to take with you. The map shows the main roads, and nearly
everything can be found along, beside or at the junction of these. Here are some pointers for each:

Calis Plaji Bulvari: Means Calis Beach Road and also known locally as Baris Manco Bulvari (just to confuse things). At one end is the local residential area of Gunlukbasi - and if you continued to end of the opposite direction you would end up crossing the wooden bridge and arriving at the promenade with it's seafront restaurants and bars. At the sea end you will find the kiosk for the water taxis to Fethiye.

Mustafa Kemal Bulvari: This main road meets Calis Plaji Bulvari at the famous and fabled "Dolphin Roundabout" junction, which you will hear in most replies if you do ask anyone for directions. Just remember, it is the junction where Calis Plaji Bulvari meets Mustafa Kemal Bulvari - because the statues have gone, so the junction has no dolphins anymore, and the roundabout has also been replaced with traffic lights - so the Dolphin roundabout junction nowadays literally has no dolphins, and no roundabout - but it seems like it will forever be called the Dolphin roundabout! Mustafa Kemal Bulvari is the main road linking the beach area of Calis with Fethiye centre. You may also be looking for it as it is also the location of the aquapark.

Yerguzlar Caddesi: This road is up from the "Dolphin roundabout" (yes I know!) walking away from the sea along Calis Plaji Bulvari till you get to the next roundabout. Left and right are Yerguzlar Caddesi - turn right for the Sunday market.

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