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New Tourist Visa Regulations
« on: July 16, 2010, 19:35:57 PM »
I'm just back from Meis for my regular Visa renewal and the news isnt good. This was to be my last trip - with effect from 14 July 2010 new regulations state that you can only stay in Turkey for 90 of 180 days.  That means once you have stayed 90 days you must leave and be away from Turkey for 90 days before being allowed back in!  The alternative is to purchase the Residency - which has greatly increased in price!  We were advised by Meis Express to campaign against this and email the following to the Minister in the Turkish Government with the following
Sayin Bakan
Yeni uygulamaya başlanan vize rejimi biz Türkiye'de yaşamakta olan yüz binlerce yabanciyi dogrudan etkilemektedir.  Bir çogumuzun Türkiye'de evleri var bir diger çogunlugumuzun ise uzun vade kiralanmis konutlari söz konusudur.
Bundan başka Türkiye'ye yilda 3-4 hatta daha fazla sayida giriş çikişlar yapan ülkelerimiz insanlari bulunmaktadir.
Herhangi bir uyari yapilmadan aniden başlatilan bu uygulamayi protesto ediyor ve derhal kaldirilmasini talep ediyoruz.
Address & Email

Which translates to
New visa regulations are affecing hundreds of thousands of local foreigners who own houses or hold long term rental agreements in Turkey.  This also affects those wishing to come to Turkey 3-4 times a year.  We protest that these changes were without warning.  Please cancel this decision.

If you are affected or know anybody that is affected please send this email.


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