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internet speed
« on: September 05, 2012, 11:54:31 AM »
My internet connection is a bit hit and miss.
I have complained as a single voice to the ADSL help line on several occaisions.
I was wondering if any one else in Uzumlu is having similar problems has me.
If so maybe if we got together and complained as gang rather than individuals it would carry more weight.

My problem is that I pay the for 1-8mb (24-7) and I receive 0.2-3.5mb which in the evenings reduces at times to 0mb frequently. I think this is due to too much activity on the lines that are undersized in my particular area.

If you are having similar problems could you please respond, so we can build up a picture of how bad the problem is, and where.

With the information perhaps something could be done to improve the situation.

 I do realise that some residents are getting very good connections and are happy.

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