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It has started.
« on: March 17, 2018, 13:17:10 PM »
 An older couple lived together in a small house. The man was watching television while his wife was cleaning. The man said: Honey, could you please bring me a beer before it starts? The woman rolled her eyes, gave him the beer, and went back to cleaning. Five minutes later, the man asks: Honey, could you bring me the ashtray before it starts? The woman started getting angrier, but gave him an ashtray and continued with the cleaning. Another five minutes have passed, and the man said: Honey, could you pass me the remote before it starts? The woman stops her work and says: NO! YOU LIFT YOUR LAZY ASS AND SWITCH THE CHANNEL! WHY DO I HAVE TO DO EVERY SINGLE THING AROUND THE HOUSE? The man sighed and said: It started... it FU$%*NG STARTED.

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