Author Topic: Skeeter and Bubba got promoted from Privates to Sergeants.RUDE  (Read 352 times)

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Skeeter and Bubba got promoted from Privates to Sergeants.RUDE
« on: September 09, 2018, 14:19:21 PM »
Skeeter and Bubba got promoted from Privates to Sergeants.
Shortly after, they were out walking when Bubba said "Hey Skeeter! There's the NCO Club! What say we go in there and have us a drink?"

"But we don't belong in the NCO Club!" Skeeter protested. "We's Privates!"

Bubba points to the new stripes sewn on their clothes and says, "No we ain't, Skeeter! We's Sergeants now!"

The two went in and ordered some drinks. Some time later, a hooker walks up to Bubba and says, "You sure are a cute one. I'd love to take you somewhere and make you feel real good, but I've got a bad case of gonorrhea."

Bubba pulled Skeeter in close and whispered "Quick! Go look in the dictionary and see what gonorrhea means. If it's good, give me an okay sign!"

Skeeter quickly leaves the bar and comes back 15 minutes later. He flashes Bubba a thumbs up and Bubba runs off with the hooker.

A few weeks later, Bubba is in the infirmary with a bad case of... You guessed it, gonorrhea. Skeeter comes to visit and Bubba starts yelling at him. "Why in the hell did you gimme the okay fer?"

"Bubba, I looked it up in the dictionary. That book said gonorrhea only affects the privates. But you said we's Sergeants now!"

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