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Re: Prescription glasses
« Reply #10 on: February 18, 2019, 21:27:19 PM »
I am still using one pair of frames that I bought in 2008 from Alice's or something like that opposite the small Migros in town. The only thing that has changed is the lenses only because they needed changing.

I also had a pair of sunglasses bought at the same time that I had for years before I lost them in Erasta.

I paid quite a bit for the frames I remember but worth it when you consider how long I have had them.

Now I have a pair of fake designer sunglasses I paid quite a bit for in Olu (250 TL) but less than what I paid for the ones above and I have had these about three or four years.

And I have a pair of cheap 50TL bendy framed glasses for reading in bed and had these a few years too, bought from a shop opposite the school past the mosque in Fethiye.

They tend to keep these cheap ones in little cupboards with lots of drawers so you have to ask otherwise all you will see is the expensive frames.

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