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rent or buy?
« on: September 27, 2005, 16:01:31 PM »
everyone here seems very keen to buy and there is certainly tons of building going on.
Many people are buying for part time use and renting for the rest of the time.
I know numbers visiting are rising but most seem to be on packages as they often cost little different than flights, so I can't imagine the holiday rentals market nets spectacular yields.
Which leads to the next thought, if you're coming out to live here, why not rent, then someone else gets all the grief, you can just move, either move complex, town, region, country or continent.
More renters suits as many people as more buyers.
Even for estate agents, it's a nice commission that keeps on giving, plus you can point out the new renters to potential buyers.
So what's the going rate, on and off season, for a nicely kitted out villa with a shared pool?
ditto for a big apartment with balonies £ airco?

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